Skin Philosophy Skincare is a range of vegan, cruelty-free products that deliver effective solutions to a range of skin concerns including acne, rosacea and ageing.

The brand was founded by Annalouise Kenny, who has over 18 years experience in the aesthetic industry and felt frustrated by the divide between over-the-counter products that make promises they cannot fulfil, and cosmeceutical brands with mark-ups so high that many customers cannot afford them. Having founded her own clinic and worked as a teacher at her centre, Skin Philosophy Training, since 2010, Kenny wanted to bring the power of actives to more people.

Actives are bioavailable and influence cell behaviour, meaning that they can change the structure of the skin. This is why cosmeceuticals are so desirable: they really help skin conditions. However, though there are many products out there containing actives like retinol and vitamin C, very few use the correct concentrations in stable solutions. The result? Impaired acid mantles, breakouts and rosacea thanks to those poor formulations and over-complicated beauty routines.

This is where Skin Knowledge Skincare comes in. Harnessing Kenny’s scientific knowledge with her wealth of experience in treating skin conditions, these are products for people who want to treat (or prevent) concerns such as pigmentation and breakouts whilst maintaining the health of their skin’s natural barrier. The range has already been a hit amongst clients and students alike: the Aqua+ serum used with the dermaroller helps hydrate skin and combat fine lines. The Brighten Exfoliator (known for it’s delicate scent) with glycolic gives an instant lift to skin, while the new C20 vitamin C and Lighten serums are targeted at pigmented, sun-damaged skin.

The Skin Knowledge range is perfect for people who are tired of skincare fads, and just want to buy products that they know are going to work.