As your natural collagen levels decrease, so does the natural amount of fat in the deeper layers of your skin. That leaves unoccupied space underneath your skin layers, which can cause skin to droop or sag where it used to be firm.


With LIFT face you will stimulate muscle contractions, stimulate circulation, increase oxygen to the area for a firmer healthier glow

  1. High-frequency vibration in 6,000 per minute can rapidly activate the cells, increase the elasticity of neck skin, relieve neck wrinkles, restore skin firmness, and promote lymphatic drainage.
  2. It can help to double absorb active ingredients, which can directly penetrate into skin, make it easier to absorb skin care products .
  3. Sound reminder time in every minute, more user-friendly.
  4. USB cable charging, easy and portable.

Directions how to use in the link below